How to Hide or Block Someone’s Posts from Your Facebook News Feed

Facebook is a very popular and interesting social media that most of the people love to use. There you can gossip with friends, check popular news, stories and can follow your favourite celebrity. It is become our habit to browse Facebook at least once a day. But it becomes very much irritating when you see something in your Facebook news feed that you don’t want to.

Here is an exact guide to hide people and groups posts from your facebook wall using Facebook News Feed Preferences option. And the best part of this is only you will know about this.

To unfollow people, pages or groups first you need to login into your facebook account from your PC or mobile device. Then click on the markdown button from the right side on your facebook home page. Now from the drop-down list select “News Feed Preferences”.

Facebook wall


You will find option “Unfollow people and groups to hide their posts”. Click on it to see all the pages, groups and people you are currently following. Now you can click on the name to unfollow anyone to stop seeing their posts in your facebook news feed.

facebook news feed settings


You can select multiple people or groups at once to unfollow.

You can also do this right from your facebook app also. For this click on the menu icon of your facebook app and select “Settings & Privacy” option. From there click on “News Feed Preferences”. Now do the exact thing mentioned before.

how to hide or block someone from facebook news feed


How to Reconnect with people in Facebook News Feed

If you have mistakenly unfollowed anyone that you don’t want to, there is nothing to worry. You will be able to follow again those people or groups with just a click. Click on markdown button on your facebook home page and select “News Feed Preferences”. Choose “Reconnect with people and groups you unfollowed”.

reconnect with facebook people


Select those names you want to follow again and click done.