How to turn off pop-up notification on android

turn off push app notification on android

If you are an android user and have lots of apps, then you may be getting distracted by unknown pop-ups when doing something important or interesting. Here is a quick guide to turn off pop-up notification on Android.

No one wants interruption when you are doing something interesting like; watching videos or playing games on Android. But most of the applications you are using is set to by default, to disturb you.

Here, is a quick guide to disable or turn-off pop up notifications on Android apps, when you are focusing on your favorite thing.

Steps to turn off pop-up notification on Android

At first, go to the “Settings” menu on your android device.

Then Click on “Sounds and notification” option.

Now Under the Notification tab, you will find “App notifications” option. You need to click on it.

After that you will see all the installed applications on your android device.

You need to select those application from which you don’t need any pop-up notification further.

Now just turn on the “Block notifications” option appear under a particular application.

That’s it. Now you will not get any further pop up from that application in future.

If you want to re-enable notification in future, you can turn off the “Block notification” option under any application you want.

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