How to use Virtual Keyboard on Windows OS

If you have no physical keyboard attached on your computer or even if the physical keyboard is not functioning properly, then the on-screen virtual keyboard is a great solution to get rid of this problem. And if you are a windows user then it is very easy to use the virtual keyboard on windows OS.

Windows OSs(Windows 7, 8, 10 or latest versions) has already preinstalled virtual keyboard on it. And it is very much easy to start the virtual keyboard on windows operating system. But before you start using the virtual keyboard on your windows pc you must know how virtual keyboard can help you in many ways.


virtual keyboard on windows 10

First of all, Windows on-screen keyboard is very much flexible to use. Why flexible?

You can move it around the screen, resize or adjust it into any place of your windows screen to enter text.

From a security perspective, the most important part of windows virtual keyboard is, it is inbuilt, so you do not need any extra software, which might create an issue with security of your system.

How to start Virtual Keyboard on Windows OS

To start virtual keyboard on your Windows OS, Go to Start menu, then select Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard.

Now under keyboard tab, you will find On-Screen Keyboard option.

Click on it to turn it on the virtual on-screen keyboard on your windows screen.

turning on virtual keyboard on windows 10 from settings menu

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Also, there is another simple way to start on-screen virtual keyboard, type “On-Screen Keyboard” on your search panel. Then click on it to access the Windows On-Screen keyboard.

And here comes the fun part.

Windows on-screen keyboard can be accessed at your windows account login screen.

virtual keyboard on windows account login screen

To bring On-Screen virtual keyboard on windows login screen, you need to click on “Ease of access” button that will appear in the bottom right corner of your windows login screen. Then just select On-Screen Keyboard. That’s it, now you can login to your account using the virtual keyboard.

using virtual keyboard on windows account login

Using On-Screen Virtual Keyboard not only provides you with the flexibility of access but also provides added-security while entering data into the system.

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