Screen recorder for Windows 10 Users

This is an exciting feature for those who want to record/capture videos on Windows PC. There is a lot of screen capturing tools are available on the internet. But there is no need to download and install those applications, while Microsoft has brought an inbuilt Screen recorder for Windows 10 to record your current application screen.

Game Bar, a toolbar that Microsoft offer it for gamers to record videos of their gameplay. But the cool feature is that you can use the “Game Bar” tool to record or take a screenshot on any application you want.

To start “Game Bar” on any application just press the Windows key + G on your keyboard.
game bar
Now, just click on the red button to start recording your application screen.

You can use Win + Alt + G to record the last 30 sec of your screen. But before trying this you need to enable the background recording feature on Game DVR setting. To enable background recording just search by the word “game bar” in your windows search bar. And click on “Controls how game bar opens and recognizes your game“.
gamebar search
From the setting option you will find “Game DVR” tab from the left side menu. Click on the Game DVR tab, under which you will get the background recording feature.
Just turn it on. That’s it you are done. Now you can use Win + Alt + G to record your application screen.

You can also force Start/Stop recording of your application screen using the shortcut; Win + Alt + R