Balloon powered internet by google X

Google’s semi-secret research and development farm named X Development LLC(Google X) planning to launch Balloon Powered Internet. Google X(company) is a subsidiary of Albhabet Inc., also a parent company of Google.

Balloon powered internet by GoogleX

The Project Loon comes with the slogan of “Ballon powered internet for everyone”.

About Project Loon
Half of the world’s population is still without internet access. Project Loon will help to extend internet connectivity to people in rural and remote areas worldwide.

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How Balloon Powered Internet will work?

Project Loon is the network of balloons which will travel at the edge of the space.

The normal satellite can cover up-to a particular range to provide internet connectivity. But balloons can serve a huge range of areas.

These balloons can provide connection speeds of up to 10 Mbps, directly to your LTE phones.

Recently one of the balloons survives for 190 days aloft in the stratosphere.