What is Near Field Communication (NFC) | How does it work

Near field communication (NFC)

Near field communication (NFC) is a wireless communication technology that uses various communication protocols to transfer data between two devices.

NFC technology uses short-range but high-frequency wireless signals to communicate and exchange data between two devices such as mobile devices and smartphones.

NFC technology has hassle-free pairing ability between two devices by just bringing the devices closer together or attached.

It uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to exchange data between two NFC enables electronic devices.

Moreover Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is wireless, fast and easy to use.

Generally, for communications, we need an antenna. NFC also uses antennas. In NFC enabled mobiles devices, these NFC antennas are mostly attached to the back of the phone.

nfc device pairing

Major tasks you can perform using Near Field Communication (NFC)

1. You can transfer data using NFC

To transfer data using NFC you need to bring two devices closer or touched. And then you just need to allowing them by pressing “ok” button to start transferring data. The most interesting thing about using NFC is, the pairing will be done automatically.

2. Touch Payment Terminals

You can place your device near to any NFC enabled terminal to make any transaction. Some popular payment services like; Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay uses NFC technology.

3. NFC Tags

nfc tags

NFC tags are very small pre-programmed tags that help you to store and access data. You can place those tags anywhere in your home, car or office to access data through your device. The connection works only when you get very close to those electrically programmed tags.

4. NFC Business card

NFC business cards are very useful to get information with just a touch. If you touch NFC enabled business cards with your mobile then all the information on the card get available to your device including user’s name, email id, website and etc.

Near Field Communication (NFC) vs Bluetooth

  • * NFC requires much less power than Bluetooth.
  • * NFC provides faster connectivity than Bluetooth.
  • * NFC takes less time to pair between two devices than Bluetooth pairing.

There are also many cool features of using NFC that can make your life easy.

  • 1. You can connect your External Speakers with your device through NFC.
  • 2. You can Pay for Parking using NFC.
  • 3. You can open car doors using NFC technology.
  • 4. You can also use programmable NFC tags to access your stored wi-fi passwords, contacts or anything you want.