Strong Password creation using 5 Golden Rules – Kangsabati

It is very much important to choose a strong password to protect your accounts from any unauthorized access. And there are certain rules to make your password strong. But before talking about the rules or guidelines to choose a strong password, let’s start with, what are the things that we should avoid while choosing our password.

Things to avoid to create strong password

  • 1. You should not use your username as your password.
  • 2. Password with only lower case letters should be avoided.
  • 3. You should avoid short passwords, which is less than 6 characters long.
  • 4. Try to avoid common dictionary words in your password.
  • 5. Never use common keyboard patterns(like; 12345678, abcdefgh, qwerty) in your password.
  • 6. Never write down your password anywhere.
strong password

So, these are the things to avoid while choosing your password. But now we need to know how to make our password strong. Making your password strong does not require rocket science. If you can follow some standard rules then very likely you are in the safe zone. Most of the companies recommended their users to follow some common rules to make their passwords strong. And here are 5 golden rules that you should follow while choosing your password.

Rules for Strong Password

  • 1. Use at least 8 or more than 8 characters in your password.
  • 2. Make your password strong by mixing special characters, upper and lower case letters, and numbers.
  • 3. Use a different password on each account.
  • 4. Use acronyms to remember your passwords.
  • 5. Change your password on regular basis(every 10 weeks)

Always choose your password manually rather than using some online password generators.

Also, mostly user uses some easily guessable passwords like their pet name, date of birth and some common number or patterns in their password. And this kind of weak passwords can be cracked or hacked by modern-day hackers within a second by using automated password cracking tools.