What is Morse Code? How messages can be send using Morse Code

The era of Land Phone and Telegram is just gone too far. Today, in this fast developing world there are many options to connect with people and social networks. We have 3G, 4G, 5G and lots more. But the question is; Before these technologies come what people have used to communicate? Pigeon post. Do you think it will work properly? The answer is no. But thank god to morse code. A text message transmission system using unique codes. Morse code is used today by many army officials to send messages. Morse code is a method of transmitting text from one point to another. It uses a series of light signals, clicks or tones to send messages.

Morse code is named after Samual Morse, the inventor of the telegraph, a long distance transmission of messages. In Morse code, it is designed in a way that, all the alphabets from A to Z and all numbers from 0 to 9 have been set with some unique code. And all the codes are formed with dots and dashes.

International Morse Code Format

morse code

This is the international Morse code format. You can see how the dots and dashes are used to denote characters and test. You can see from the list of codes; A is denoted by one dot and one dash. And like this; Z is denoted by two dashes and two dots.

In case of numbers, 1 is denoted by one dot and three dashes, 5 is denoted by four dots, and 0 is denoted by five dashes.

One thing that you need to maintain for Morse code is the sequence. You need to use the right sequence of dots and dashes to send the message properly. The most common signal used globally is SOS; which is denoted by three dots, three dashes, and three dots.

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