What is VPN? Why should you use it

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a tool that can be used to browse content in a network without third party intercept. VPNs can be used in computers, laptops, smartphones or on tablets.

Before starting with VPN lets simplify all the things about a network and how we actually access content using a network.

A network is a connection between two or more devices.

Suppose you have connected your laptop with your PC. And your smartphone with your laptop. So it becomes a network
of these three devices. But it is an internal network.

But when we are talking about the internet it becomes the external network or world wide web. And whatever you view on the internet is called content. And all these contents are stored in a location called a server. Whatever things we request from the server is served to us as a information.

But to reach the actual location of the content server we need to pass from many other points in a network. These points can be your ISPs or your government or any company.

So the data you are requesting on the internet actually might be seen by others.

As we know that our computers have an IP address to connect with the internet. So our ISPs or government can easily track our activity related to the IP address.

Also sometimes we face problems to access certain contents on the internet because of country-specific restrictions. Which makes a content unavailable for use from some particular locations.

All these problems can be solved by using VPNs.

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How VPNs Work

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VPN is a connection by using which you can connect with a content server and access any data you need, irrespective of any geographical location or restrictions. Also, your ISPs will be not able to see what is happening between you and the server. The VPN connections is completely encrypted.

But remember to choose a reputed and popular VPN service rather than going for an unsecured one.